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Our Vegan Pre Workout powder is a scientifically designed blend of active ingredients that promises to enhance your physical and mental performance. A great choice for vegans who are looking for a way of increasing their energy levels. As a result, these shakes are great for high-intensity workouts.

Available in mouthwatering Pineapple and Red Fruits flavours.

The active ingredients in our pre workout formula are:

Creatine Monohydrate – It is commonly preferred by athletes to increase metabolism, achieve muscle growth, improve performance, and work capacity. For Vegans, it is available in supplement form as well to balance the low levels of Creatine in the body. Increased strength is the most notable benefit of increasing your Creatine up to and above the normal level in your body, helping you to achieve those elusive muscle pumps.

L Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – (AAKG) is the modified version of Arginine (amino acid) after the combination of two arginine molecules with alpha-ketoglutarate. It improves absorption in the stomach and acts as an intermediate compound for energy production. It is used by bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts to increase sports performance, reduce muscle fatigue and enhance lifting abilities.

Taurine – Its consumption is necessary because it removes waste products that lead to fatigue, inhibits cells damage and oxidative stress by protecting muscles and increases the activity of burning fat during exercise.

Beta-Alanine – The non-essential and modified version of the amino acid. It combines with histidine which results in the production of carnosine. It is used for gaining lean muscle mass, enhances performance and reduces the acidity of the stomach after an intense workout. It is great to help you exercise for longer periods of time.

Citrulline Malate – The ultimate fatigue fighter gaining attention in the fitness world. It is the non-essential amino acid and pre-workout supplement which affects the vascular system improving the workout performance. It increases the production of nitric oxide which increases the blood flow.

Natural Caffeine – This commonly used substance improves mental alertness and energy levels.

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