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Introducing Buddha Beauty’s Strawberry and Vanilla Foot Scrub – a luxurious and invigorating experience for your tired feet. Our natural blend of ingredients, infused with the sweet scent of strawberries and the soothing essence of vanilla, deeply exfoliates and nourishes your skin. Say goodbye to dryness and fatigue, and hello to beautifully rejuvenated feet. Order today for the ultimate self-care indulgence.


Deep Exfoliation: The scrub’s natural ingredients work together to effectively exfoliate your skin, removing dead cells and revealing smoother, softer feet.

Improved Circulation: Massaging the foot scrub onto your feet stimulates blood circulation, which can help alleviate fatigue and reduce swelling. This can be particularly beneficial for those who spend long hours on their feet or experience poor circulation.

Hydration: The natural oils present in the foot scrub, combined with the moisturising properties of strawberries and vanilla, help hydrate and replenish dry and dehydrated skin. This is especially beneficial for individuals with dry or cracked feet.

How to use Strawberry & Vanilla Foot Scrub

-Start by preparing a basin or tub of warm water. Ensure the water is not too hot to avoid discomfort.

-Soak your feet in the warm water for about 10-15 minutes. This step helps soften the skin and prepares it for exfoliation.

-After soaking, pat your feet dry with a towel and place a small amount of the strawberry and vanilla foot scrub onto your hands.

-Gently massage the scrub onto your feet using circular motions. Pay attention to areas that tend to accumulate dead skin, such as the heels, soles, and sides of your feet. Take your time and enjoy the soothing sensation.

-Continue massaging the scrub onto your feet for a few minutes, allowing the gritty texture to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. The strawberry seeds or other exfoliating particles in the scrub will help slough off the dry and rough skin.

-Once you feel satisfied with the exfoliation, rinse off the scrub thoroughly with warm water. Ensure no residue is left on your feet.

-After rinsing, pat your feet dry with a towel and apply one of our foot creams to hydrate your skin. This step will help lock in moisture and maintain the smoothness of your freshly exfoliated feet.

Ingredients of Strawberry & Vanilla Foot Scrub

Fine Sea Salt, Lotion Base,Emulsifying Wax, Fragrance Oil

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