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Spicy Chorizo flavoured Breadcrumbs 120g


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Our deliciously spicy chorizo flavoured breadcrumbs make sensationally spicy crispy coatings and crunchy toppings.  Expertly blended for you, our crackin’ crumbs are ready to use.

Use to top pies, vegetable bakes and gratins. Easy to make and deliciously Herby.  Why not try sprinkled over pasta bakes before grilling, added to your favourite burger mix or simply coat your veg before roasting for added spicy chorizo loveliness!

We are proudly vegan, vegetarian and carnivore friendly! 

Our Spicy Chorizo flavoured breadcrumbs are:

  • 100% plant based.
  • Totally free from GM and palm oil
  • Blended in the UK
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