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Love the flavour of Sausage but would rather skip the meat? Then you’ll love our delicious Sausage and Sage vegan seasoning.

This plant based sausage flavouring can be used to rub, coat, sprinkle or stir into all of your favourite foods. It’s sublime in a creamy pasta sauce and packs some serious flavour into your meat free stuffing! And for those of you making homemade vegetarian sausages, this really takes those to the next level.

Our favourite recipe for Sausage and Sage seasoning is our Italian Vegan Sausage Penne Pasta – try our recipe here.

So, for all sausage lovers out there, put it on anything and everything!

As with everything we so lovingly make at Herby Hog, our sausage and sage seasoning is:

  • 100% plant based. So it’s suitable for vegans, a tasty treat for vegetarians and a really great way for those of you looking to eat less meat to still enjoy the flavour!
  • 100% free from GM and palm oil
  • Blended right here in the UK
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