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Maple Bacon flavoured Seasoning


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Our delicious Maple Bacon vegan seasoning transforms veggies, home bakes, pancakes, popcorn, snacks and more! With just a hint of black pepper, this flavouring really is packed with a deliciously smoky sweet flavour.

Try it sprinkled over pancakes for an easy breakfast or add it into muffin mix for a sensational bake! We love it roasted on nuts for a guilt free snack. Try stirring it into veggie pasta sauces – kids love it!

Maple Bacon seasoning is particularly good for roasting veggies. For a great Sunday lunch side dish, try our recipe for Vegan Maple Bacon Roasted Roots.

Get creative with The Herby Hog!

As with all of our products, our plant based maple bacon seasoning is:

  • 100% plant based. So they’re spot on for vegans, brilliant for vegetarians but also simply sublime for those of you just trying to cut down on your meat
  • Free from nasties like GM
  • Free from Palm Oil
  • Blended right here in the UK
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