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Dr. Fischer Steinbock Alcohol Free Sparkling


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The Fischer family have been cultivating vines in the famous village
of Ockfen, on the River Saar, since 1758. The twelve-hectare holding
includes a parcel of the Bockstein vineyard, which is classified as a
Grosse Lage, the German equivalent of grand cru. The style is classic
Saar: racy, grapefruit-scented, delicately structured yet intense. Quality
has received a further boost since 2014, when Martin Foradori Hofstätter
(of the eponymous Alto Adige estate) became a co-owner of the property.
Due to regional rules, neither the source of the grapes, nor the varieties used for this alcohol-free wine can be revealed, but the pedigree of the producer is testament to the quality of the fruit.
Under a gentle vacuum, specially selected wine is held at low pressure
in a cauldron, allowing the alcohol to be evaporated off at just 25-30 °C.
The low thermal stress ensures that the character, taste and fine aromas
of the original wine are preserved and the remaining alcohol content is
less than 0.25% by volume.

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