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Cooks Essentials Seasoning Starter Kit


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Discover a whole new world of plant-based eating with our new Cooks Essentials Seasoning Starter Kit.

Feast on our sensational Smoky Bacon Seasoning.  Sweeten things up with our Maple Bacon Seasoning and Spice up your life with our Spicy Chorizo Seasoning.

With 9 sensational plant based recipes to try we guarantee you’ll be pigging out on your very own culinary Herby Hog creation in no time!

All our products are 100% plant based | GM & Palm Oil free | Blended in the UK

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

What’s included:
Smoky Bacon flavoured Seasoning (1 x 60g)
Maple Bacon flavoured Seasoning (1 x 60g)
Spicy Chorizo flavoured Seasoning x (1 x 60g)

Plus 9 delicious recipes for you to discover.

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