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Everyone loves the smoky sweet flavour of barbecues! Our deliciously smoky and sweet BBQ Pork vegan seasoning is a firm favourite with just a subtle hint of heat.

It’s a tantalisingly tasty plant based seasoning which can be used for sprinkling or stirring into your favourite foods. Or you can use it as a dry rub too. Perfect for making pulled shroom burgers!

This vegan friendly flavouring is brilliant stirred into dips, shaken over veggie kebabs, salads, corn on the cob and much, much more!

Our favourite recipe for BBQ Pork seasoning is our Creamy BBQ Sweetcorn Chowder – try our recipe here.

So, for all porky lovers out there, put it on anything and everything!

As with everything from Herby Hog, this barbecue pork seasoning is:

  • 100% plant based – equally suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those just trying to eat a little less meat
  • Free from palm oil and GM
  • Blended in the UK
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